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Vhm Mobilier urbain

This page is designed to enable you to keep a written trace of our company. It includes a reminder of activities and our contact details.


Vhm Mobilier urbain EURL
8 rue de la fonderie
CS 89109
67129 Molsheim cedex
Phone :
Fax :
SIRET : 424 252 740 00016
Intra-Community No. : FR86 424 252 740

To blend in perfectly with surroundings of all styles, Vhm Mobilier urbain offers you a complete range of classic or contemporary urban furniture.

You will find all the products and accessories that make every day life in our towns pleasanter and easier, whilst giving the urban environment a touch of class :

- Fixed or moveable car park bollards
- Cast iron tree grates
- Bench feet alone or with slats
- Fountains, overflows, rainwater spouts
- Made-to-measure cast iron or steel railings
- Cast iron litter bins with galvanised steel buckets
- A large choice of accessories (cast iron or steel chains, bollard tops, bicycle racks…)
- Cast iron sleeves and galvanised steel or aluminium sign tubes.

Quality : NF ISO 9001 Version 2015 Certification





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