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urban furniture and signs

Our range includes period style urban furniture,
as well as a large choice of contemporary urban furniture :

Car park bollards, tree grates, fountains, benches, railings and litter bins populate the urban scenery and will blend into all types of public spaces.

The period style furniture allows you to harmoniously complete existing installations
and the contemporary urban furniture is perfect for neighbourhoods, cities and towns where the architecture is more modern.

Vhm Mobilier urbain sells the Vhm Group's range of urban furniture. Thus it benefits from the experience that guarantees solid know- how in the manufacturing of cast iron items.

We supply standard urban furniture products,
but also customised and original elements such as moveable bollards, for example.

Vhm Mobilier urbain also sells a range of signs and accessories : sleeves, steel or aluminium tubes, sign clamps, etc.

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Quality : NF ISO 9001 Version 2015 Certification


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